How to get a Steam key free ?

You can get a free key game if you meet one of the following conditions:

- You own a YouTube game channel with> 100,000 Subscriber - You are owning a YouTube game channel with a low number of subscriber but you have many videos and views steadily , the latest video> 2000 views

- You own a group FB or social network with a large number of users, you will post an introduction to the game in your group and will use the key to give away for the group member.

- You own a Twitch channel with a large number of viewers

- You are a curator with Follow> 100,000 people

- You Are A Professional Game Tester Or A Content Person for the Workshop (We Will Prioritize The Content People for the Workshop, Project Bunny Dance is a game that needs a lot of content contributed by users)

(Note: All keys will be sent to emails that are confirmed similar to the description of the information on the website or on the official channel of that person)

How to get a key game?

Case 1 : you are a KOL or content videos on YouTube or social networks :

Please say the reason you want to receive the key and the number of keys you want then send to . We will check and confirm that email matches the description of the information on the website or on the official channel then we will send you key if everything is correct

Case 2 : You are a Modder game and you want to create content for Bunny Dance :

Please send the Mod items links to email

For example :

Note : Number of item need to do to meet requirements .

 Stage : 3 link

Clothes or characters : 5 link

 Small item like hair , hat , shoes : 8 link

(Content is not duplicated or available on the Workshop) 


Free create content for bunny dance


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If you have anything that doesn't understand, please send an email to:   We will reply as soon as possible