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The purpose of giving our free key is to introduce Eastfog products to more people. In addition, we also have new products that are about to be released and need testers to find errors or bugs before the game is officially launched So, we encourage players to post images or videos of games on social networks so that the game is introduced to more people .

There are testers play game before game officially released to find bugs , or they are creating video game play to promote the game before it debuted .

You can get a free key game if you meet one of the following conditions:

- You own a YouTube game channel with> 100,000 Subscriber

- You are owning a YouTube game channel with a low number of subscriber but you have many videos and views steadily , the latest video> 2000 views

- You own a group FB or social network with a large number of users, you will post an introduction to the game in your group and will use the key to give away for the group member.

- You own a Twitch channel with a large number of viewers

- You are a curator with Follow> 100,000 people

- You Are A Professional Game Tester Or A Content Person for the Workshop (We Will Prioritize The Content People for the Workshop, Project Bunny Dance is a game that needs a lot of content contributed by users)

(Note: All keys will be sent to emails that are confirmed similar to the description of the information on the website or on the official channel of that person)

You can click here to see how to do it

You can be received as 1-5 steamkey, in case your community is big, it can be 10 keys

Don't worry every 1 month Eastfog will have a discount for low-cost players to easily access the game .

Of course you will be discounted because you are our familiar customers, Steam has a discount that you can buy the game's bundle .